Rehabilitation or restoration of riverside ecosystems - Practical examples in Portugal

On May 18 will take place another online session of Café com Ciênciawith the seminar “Rehabilitation or restoration of riverside ecosystems - Practical examples in Portugal”, given by Pedro Teiga.
In the midst of the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, river rehabilitation emerges as an integrated process of renaturation of riverine corridors focused on improving their biophysical conditions, while taking into account pre-existing anthropic values, in order to guarantee hydrological resilience and ecological connectivity. of the river system while contributing to the health and safety of people and goods, in the sense of adapting to climate change and sustainable development of the territory, both in urban and rural contexts.
This session will present the basic concepts associated with River Rehabilitation and the importance of using Nature-Based Solutions (SbN) and the practice of Natural Engineering for this purpose, with examples of interventions already carried out in the North Region, more specifically in the Metropolitan Area. of Porto, in Esposende and in Braga.
Pedro Teiga researcher at CIIMAR and mentor of the Rios+ Laboratories in Portugal and the Strategic Water Line Rehabilitation Plan (PERLA), at municipal and inter-municipal scale

The CMIA of Vila do Conde will be the host, with the co-organization of CIIMAR and the CMIA of Matosinhos.
Participation in this session is free. Access to the lecture through the link