OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | Jorge Luiz Rodrigues Filho | 25 May | 11h30


Title: Brazilian marine shrimp fisheries: how far are they from an ecosystem management approach?


Name: Jorge Luiz Rodrigues Filho


Shrimp fisheries occur in a wide range of ecosystems along the Brazilian coastline. In marine ecosystems, both industrial and artisanal trawl fleets focus their efforts on the species of the penaeid family. Trawl fishing is efficient in capturing target species but is poor selective, generating a high amount of bycatch, from which several species are discarded. Bycatch capture is a global concern of fishing activity since it is related to several potential impacts on the structure and function of the marine ecosystem. The use of more holistic approaches is imperative to understand and manage the potential impacts of trawling. As scientific background to this, there is a demand for ecological information on bycatch, as its composition and ratio to the target species. However, there is no government program to monitor bycatch from commercial fleets in Brazil. In this presentation, I will present the context of shrimp fisheries in Brazil, focusing on the current knowledge about bycatch species. Furthermore, I will discuss how this data-limited scenario can be improved through collaborative efforts, allowing us to look to actions to improve the ecological status of shrimp fisheries.


The seminar will take place at CIIMAR headquarters and online through this LINK.


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