NEPTUNE SEMINAR SERIES | Chris Bowler | 22 June | 11h30


Title: Tara Oceans: Eco-Systems Biology at Planetary Scale


Name: Chris Bowler


The ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth and yet we know very little about it. To explore this mysterious world, a multidisciplinary consortium, Tara Oceans, was formed around the 36m research schooner Tara, which sampled plankton at more than 210 sites and multiple depth layers in all the major oceanic regions during expeditions from 2009-2013. This talk will summarize the foundational resources from the project, which collectively represent the largest DNA sequencing effort for the ocean, and analyses that illustrate several aspects of the Tara Oceans’ eco-systems biology approach to address microbial contributions to ecological and evolutionary processes. The project provides unique resources for several scientific disciplines that are foundational for mapping ocean biodiversity, exploring interactions, and integrating biology into our physico-chemical understanding of the ocean, as well as for identifying new organisms and genes of biotechnological interest. These resources, and the scientific innovations emerging to understand them, are critical towards developing baseline ecological context and predictive power needed to track the impact of climate change on the ocean.


The seminar will take place at CIIMAR headquarters and onlinw through this LINK.


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