OCEAN3R - Reduce pressures, restore and regenerate the NW-Portuguese ocean and waters


Were: Wave Stage on the One Sustainable Ocean | Ocean Science & Business2Sea UNOC 2022.

When: Friday, 01 Jul at 14h - 14h45


Workshop to present the project OCEAN3R - Reduce pressures, restore and regenerate the NW-Portuguese ocean and waters. OCEAN3R, implemented by CIIMAR, aims to contribute to the EU Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters”, at a regional and global level, through the development of solutions to reduce anthropogenic pressures on marine and freshwater ecosystems, and to restore and regenerate degraded habitats along the NW-Portuguese coast. To achieve this, OCEAN3R is embracing the three thematic objectives of the Mission area (zero pollution; regenerating marine and freshwater ecosystems; decarbonising our ocean and waters) that are being supported by two transversal objectives (filling the knowledge and emotional gap, revamping governance). These transversal activities are particularly relevant to achieve one of the main societal outcomes outlined in the Strategic Approach for the Decade, of the Roadmap for the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development: A transparent and accessible ocean whereby all nations, stakeholders and citizens have access to ocean data, information and technologies, and have the capacities to inform their decisions. 


Overview of the project OCEAN3R – Ana Paula Mucha (CIIMAR)
Removing and monitoring chemical and plastic contamination – Marisa Almeida (CIIMAR)
Regeneration of degraded habitats – Marina Dolbeth & Francisco Arenas (CIIMAR)
Decarbonising our waters and ocean – Rui Magalhães (CIIMAR)


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