Deep Sea Mining

The workshop “Scientific, technical and legal challenges of deep sea mining. A vision for Portugal” is an initiative of the WP-Legal within the project CORAL – Sustainable Ocean Exploitation: Tools and Sensors, a collaborative project with INESC-TEC under the coordination of CIIMAR, supported by the Northern Regional Operational Programme (NORTE2020), through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) (NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000036).

With an interdisciplinary approach combining science, technology, and law, the workshop aims, firstly, to disseminate the research results achieved within the Coral project having in mind the prospects of deep sea mining in the Portuguese continental shelf and the expected environmental impacts. Secondly, the organizers intend to promote a wide and open debate about the current scientific and technological knowledge concerning the exploration and exploitation of solid minerals in the deep sea, giving particular attention to the environmental impacts and associated measures of prevention, monitoring, mitigation, and compensation. Complementarily, it will be discussed the Portuguese legal framework applicable to mining in the continental shelf, taking into account as a comparative framework, namely, the regulations adopted by the International Seabed Authority for the phase of prospecting and exploration of solid minerals in the Area as well as the current draft regulation on exploitation. For the workshop were invited national and international experts, policymakers and stakeholders from the most representative sectors. The workshop is open to civil society.

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