OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | Eberhard Küster | 12 OCT | 11h30 


Title: Effect based monitoring in small streams


Name: Eberhard Küster


Small streams were analysed as they are an important source of contamination of the receiving (bigger) rivers and sea. To identify risk by pesticides a monitoring of more than 120 sites in Germany was done over a duration of two years. Monitoring was based on chemical analysis of more than 100 pesticides and other substances but was -beside other experiments- paralleled by ecotoxicological tests. One goal of these ecotoxicological tests was a proof of principle that the classical freshwater aquatic bioassays (microalgae, daphnids and fish embryos) would be adaptable to such a monitoring in terms of speed, effectiveness and assessment quality. Data about their ability and results of the three tests to identify hazardous samples within a much shorter time and with much less effort than usually will be shown. Benefits and drawbacks of the three tests and their use in regulatory monitoring will be discussed.


The seminar will take place at CIIMAR headquarters (Boca da Baleia Auditorium).


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