OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | Bozidar Raskovic | 30 NOV | 11:30


Title: Primary Fish Liver Spheroids in Toxicology - Playing with Temperature and EDCs


The most important findings of project that is currently on-going at University of Porto in which primary hepatocytes of brown trout are used for building 3D cell cultures – spheroids will be presented. Spheroids were isolated and cultured in the incubator for 12 days. These multicellular aggregates were further exposed for 6 days to single or mixtures of endocrine to assess their advert effects on cells using light microscopy, biochemistry and gene expression assays. Exposure was conducted in two different temperatures: 18 and 21 °C to test interplay between temperature and mentioned EDCs. The spheroids were able to respond to the stimuli, which confirmed the hypothesis that this in vitro system can be successfully used in toxicology.


Name: Bozidar Raskovic


Main research area of Bozidar Raskovic is fish histology and his primary affiliation is University of Belgrade (Serbia), but currently he is Marie Curie grantee doing his research in 3D cell cultures at ICBAS – University of Porto.


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