Neptune Seminar Series

Adriana Rego (CIIMAR) will present a seminar entitled "Exploring Polar microbiomes as source of bioactive molecules" at 12 pm at CIIMAR facilities.

Microorganisms represent a rich reservoir of potentially valuable natural small molecules on the planet, such as polyketides and nonribossomal peptides. Among microorganisms, Bacteria (e.g. Cyanobacteria and Actinobacteria) and Fungi are the most prolific producers. One of the strategies employed to uncover these metabolites relies on the study of microorganisms inhabiting extreme environments, since a large part of them are still unknown and their unique adaptation strategies includes the production of novel chemical entities. Here, we present our results on the bio- and chemodiversity of microorganisms and microbiome from environmental samples collected in the Antarctic hyper-arid desert, the McMurdo Dry Valleys.