Oceanus Seminar

Isabel Iglesias will present a seminar entitled "Oceanic numerical models: Opening those black boxes" at 12 pm at CIIMAR facilities.

Meteorological predictions, climatic trends or sea state forecasting are some of the more evident applications of the use of numerical models. These mathematical instruments are of utmost relevance to depict and anticipate the behavior of the natural environments.Despite the complexity of the underlying mathematics and physics, as well as the necessary knowledge on IT tools, numerical models are not so difficult to understand, and they constitute an essential tool that can be applied to different types of studies.

During this seminar, she will open those "black boxes", unraveling their applicability and use-cases. Special attention will be given to numerical models applied to open-ocean, coastal and estuarine regions and the works developed with these tools by CIIMAR's Ocean Dynamics, Coastal and Water Systems group.