Title: Nature-based solutions and trace organic compounds: from wastewater to surface waters

Nature-based solutions are gaining attraction due to their multitude of benefits. One of the most common interests in NBS is their capacity to manage (waste-)water. In practice, NBS can take different shapes and formats, may be operated differently, and can be used to manage different types of water: wastewater (raw, pre-treated, treated), black- or grey-water, stormwater, and surface waters. Depending on the type of water, different trace organic pollutants (e.g. pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, cyanotoxins) may be present, which can have a major impact on the efforts to deliver treated water for consumption, reuse, or discharge. A couple of highlights from three ongoing projects (MULTISOURCE, NATURE, TOXICROP) will be presented, where the focus is the NBS capacity to control trace organic pollutants.


Name: Pedro N. Carvalho

Pedro N. Carvalho is an environmental chemist, working with the fate of organic micropollutants in the environment and the development of natural and technical systems for water treatment. He holds a PhD from FCUP/CIIMAR and has been working at Aarhus University, Denmark, for the past 10 years where he is now an associate professor in the department of environmental science. Pedro is co-chair of the International Water Association Specialist Group on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control.


The seminar will take place at CIIMAR headquarters (Boca da Baleia Auditorium).


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