CAL-AQUA | 22º edition 8-12 May 2023

CIIMAR will hold the 22nd edition of the LABORATORY AQUATIC ANIMAL SCIENCES COURSE – (CAL-AQUA), from 8 to 12 of May, at CIIMAR. The course will take place in a mixed regime, including on-line theoretical class and on-site practical classes.

The course is accredited by the University of Porto, corresponding to 6 ECTS (credit units).

The CAL-AQUA course is intended for all teachers, researchers, degree, master's, and doctoral students, and technicians who need to acquire Science in Laboratory Aquatic Animals training, focusing on aquatic vertebrates (fish and amphibians).

The CAL-AQUA course program follows the European recommendation (Directive 2010/63/EU) and covers compulsory training required for function A-carrying out procedures, function C – taking care of animals, and function D – humanely euthanizing animals stated in or functions stated in Artigo 31º of Decreto-Lei n º 113/2013. Successful attendance of this course will allow you to obtain certification to carry out animal experiments.

Number of Vacancies: 25 (minimum 20)

Deadline for applications: May 3, 2023

Fee: 400 euros; 350 euros for CIIMAR employees

Registration: please access this link 

Please transfer the payment to IBAN. PT50 0035 0578 00025876730 66 (Account Number) and send a copy of the bank transfer by email to

If in doubt, please contact the Cal-Aqua team at