Oceanus Seminar Series

Prof. Mike Elliott (Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Studies (IECS), University of Hull, UK) will present a seminar entitled "Ecological restoration in estuaries: experiences, trajectories and driving factors" on May 4, at CIIMAR.

The ecosystem services emanate from the natural processes and cover the regulating, provisioning, supporting and cultural aspects. Societal benefits then can be gathered from the ecosystem services but only after inputting time, energy, finance and skills. Hence, in order to achieve a sustainable and successful estuarine management requires all environmental and socio-economic aspects to be considered. Estuaries have long been affected by hazards and risks causing degradation which then needs to be restored or compensated. A hazard and risk typology is used to show pressures which emanate from inside the managed system (termed endogenic managed pressures) and outside the managed system (termed unmanaged exogenic pressures). This involves fulfilling the so-called 10-tenets which inter alia includes a plethora of environmental legislation and many statutory organizations as well as economic imperatives. The presentation uses global examples of successes and failures including ecoengineering and ecohydrology principles to achieve sustainable outcomes; for example, the latter includes creating habitats to give wins for human safety, the economy, and ecology. It will discuss two types of ecoengineering – Type A in which the environment is modified thus allowing the biota to recover, and Type B in which the biota is supplemented through replanting or restocking.