Oceanus Seminar Series

Amir Neori (Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research, National Center For Mariculture) will present a seminar entitled  "How mariculture will match agriculture by the end of this century?" on May 11, at CIIMAR.

The sea remains the world's last food frontier – the only environment that is still available for expansion of food production. Today's fish - dominated seafood consumption pattern has shifted from capture to culture, which has been dominated at sea by seaweed and shellfish. With its already fast growth (x 2 /decade), global aquaculture can match agriculture in several decades. Such an expansion necessitates a certain balance, as in agriculture, between fed and extractive organisms and between heterotrophic and autotrophic organisms, as in IMTA. Cultured seaweeds, with their low cost, biochemical composition and high content of high-quality protein, can also replace much of the fishmeal in aquaculture diets and provide humanity with nutritious protein.