NAUTILUS SEMINAR SERIES | Amaranta Kahn | 11 Oct | 11h30


Title: Microbial Diversity Summer school - Marine biology laboratory


The Microbial Diversity summer course at the Marine Biological Laboratory has trained generations of scientists from diverse backgrounds. The course is an intense immersion experience for 20 students that lasts 6.5 weeks. The goal of the course is to teach professors, postdocs and advanced graduate students how to discover, cultivate, and isolate diverse microorganisms catalyzing a breadth of chemical transformations, as well as how to perform molecular and computational analyses relevant to their study. 

I am going to preached you about the beauty and incredibleness of this course, and you will hopefully wants to apply after this !


Name: Amaranta Kahn


Amaranta Kahn is a post-doctorate in the CNP lab of CIIMAR, adores microbes, and is going to share her Microbial Diversity summer school experiment at the Marine Biological Laboratory of Woods Hole


The seminar will take place at CIIMAR headquarters (Boca da Baleia Auditorium).


External members of CIIMAR should send an email to, requesting authorization to enter the Leixões Terminal area