Principles of High-throughput Proteomics Research

Course: Principles of high-throughput Proteomics Research | 13 th - 15th December



Proteomics is a research discipline devoted to the analysis of proteins from complex biological samples. It has been applied to evaluate protein expression, to identify proteins and characterize their post-translational modifications (PTMs). Examples of such applications include the analysis and identification of critical molecular events associated to adverse health and ecotoxicological effects. Another major application of proteomics is the discovery of novel disease-associated biomarkers with relevant clinical purposes. The main proteomics research tool is Mass Spectrometry (MS), and specific MS methods and procedures have been developed to carry out discovery-based and hypothesis-driven research.


Course aims

This course aims to introduce the main methodologies employed in Proteomics research, including sample preparation and fractionation methods. The course also provides participants practical training in data analysis and interpretation of complex proteomic data obtained from shotgun studies.



Graduated students, researchers and professors interested in proteomics, mass spectrometry and protein research. Participants are limited to 20 but a minimum of 10 participants will be required to run the course. Equivalency to 3 ECTS await validation by FCUP and ESS-P.Porto, for students that wish to solicit for their post-graduation courses (for more information contact


Place and date

In-person course during working hours: the course will be held in laboratories of ESS-P.Porto and CEMUP/FCUP between 13 th and 15th December 2023 between 8h30 and 18h00.



The registration fee is 150 euros, and follow this link for registration.

For additional information, contact or telephone (+351 223401813)


More information abou the program here.