IX Iberian Symposium on the Minho River Hydrographic Basin

The AquaMuseu of Rio Minho and CIIMAR will co-organize the IX Iberian Symposium on the Minho River Hydrographic Basin, 9 and 10 of November at Vila Nova de Cerveira.

The Symposium aims to divulge projects that research different topics about the hydrographic basin of the river Minho and to promote the discussion and preservation of its the biodiversity.

The themes of the Symposium are:
I. Natural resources: * Estuarine and limnological ecosystems * Water quality and sediments * Forests * Physical, biological and geological resources
II. Human activity: * Fisheries and aquaculture * Agriculture * Leisure and environment * Pollution
III. Management: * Spatial planning and nature conservation * Luso-Spanish cooperation * Action by local authorities and communities * Legislation and environment IV. Environmental education.

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