Neptune Seminar Series

Neptune Seminar Series | Lourenço Ramos-Pinto | 21 September | 12h



Amino acids as key mediators of immune status and nutritional condition in gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata)



Lourenço Ramos-Pinto (CIIMAR)



Aquaculture and products of fishery industry represent an important contribution to the world’s economy and nutrition. However, regardless of the source, several diseases can affect fish and it is imperative to change the current practices of chemotherapeutic and antibiotic treatments in this industry. Therefore, the main goal of this research is to provide a better understanding of the influence of dietary amino acid (AA) supplementation on nutritional condition, immune mechanisms and disease resistance in fish exposed to several stressors. Indispensable AA such as arginine, methionine and tryptophan, have been proven to effectively influence fish growth and immune response. A holistic approach using transcriptomic, humoral parameters and growth trial was assessed. This work enlighten that dietary AA supplementation might improve the seabream immune status over a short-term feeding period. Hence, the use of nutraceutical feed is especially relevant before/during/after exposure to stress, taking into account that these putative advantageous effects seem to disappear after a long-term feeding period.