Title: Evolution of a small- to medium- size business: Measuring Ocean heat and many other properties.


Name: Tony Haymet PhD (Scripps Oceanography)


Abstract: Cheap, remotely positioned sensors are transforming some aspects of observational earth and ocean sciences. The Argo network and Google Earth/Ocean are popular examples. Near real time data will soon be available from distributed greenhouse gas sensors in the atmosphere, permanent undersea cables in the ocean, and the DSCOVR satellite at Lagrange point 1.

Provision to our partners of cheap, reliable in-ocean autonomous sensors became a distraction for our Institution’s workshops, whose real job is to make and help design innovative prototypes. But it was also a business opportunity. In 2010 my co-founders and I “spun out” an ocean robot company from Scripps Oceanography, and when I retired as Director my business partners and I bought the company. In this talk we will summarise the eight year history of the company, and the lessons learned.

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