Oceanus Seminar Series | Alexandre Campos | 15 February | 12h


Title: Phytotoxicity and toxin accumulation studies in risk analysis of cyanobacteria in agriculture


Name: Alexandre Campos (CIIMAR)



The possible accumulation of cyanotoxins in plants raises particular concerns and risks related with food safety.

In this talk it will be presented the results obtained from different laboratory experiments carried out in CIIMAR to access the impacts and risks related with the use of waters contaminated with toxic algae in crop irrigation. Our results show that toxin concentrations in water in the range of 10-50 ug/L may affect vegetable growth and other relevant plant nutritional parameters. Phytotoxic effects are more pronounced in hydroponic cultures as these likely show increased toxin bioavailability as compared with soil cultures. A new analytical method was developed which enabled us to profile the accumulation of cyanotoxins such as microcystins and cylndrospermopsin in different plant tissues.


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