Oceanus Seminar Series | Marcos Rubal | 15 March | 12h



Title: Coastal biogenic sediments, a high diversity endangered habitat



Name: Marcos Rubal (CIIMAR)



Abstract: Biogenic sediments are defined as sediments that at least contain 30% of skeletal remains or alive marine organisms. These sediments are widespread at deep sea but in coastal areas their distribution is scarce and limited to areas with very specific hydrographical conditions. Along the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula there are two main biogenic sediments: shell gravels (Amphioxus sands) and Maërl beds. They both harbour extremely diverse assemblages of macrobenthos and probably also of meiobenthos. Unfortunately, the particular hydrographical conditions where these habitats are presents are also considered as the best ones to install sewage outfalls, as the strong currents will favour the dispersion and dilution of the residues. In this presentation we will revise the invertebrate diversity of shallow water biogenic sediments and how the organic matter enrichment can modify it.


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