28 Jul 2016


MARINALGAE4aqua - Improving bio-utilisation of marine algae as sustainable feed ingredients to increase efficiency and quality of aquaculture production is an European project coordinated by CIIMAR and funded by the ERA-NET COFASP.

Involving a consortium of 12 european partners the project aims to tackle the sustainability challenges of the aquafeed industry by developing cost-effective and resource-efficient alternatives to FM and FO by providing: a) efficient new processes to valorise selected marine algae that could reduce EU imports of protein and lipid sources and minimize over-exploitation of wild fish stocks, loss of biodiversity and environmental burden and b) high sensory quality, acceptable fish products that meet food safety standards and dietary needs for a healthy life.

MARINALGAE4aqua will adopts a multidisciplinary approach, integrating molecular (genomics, proteomics) and traditional tools to address physiological, nutritional and environmental challenges in modern aquaculture – providing state-of the-art knowledge to identify strategies to increase efficiency of farming important European fish species.