15 Sep 2016

“Science Fair at the Terminal"

In the scope of the 8th edition of the "Port of Leixões Day” held by APDL, CIIMAR is going to organize the initiative” Science Fair at the Terminal" open to whole community on September 17.

On the 2nd floor of the Porto Cruise Terminal It will be presented a "Biotech Pipeline", an acrylic structure that illustrates the researcher work since collecting an organism until obtain a bioactive compound; an “Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture”, a system that allows increasing aquaculture production in a sustainable manner, a marine trophic pyramid and a "Constructed Wetlands" module.

Throughout the day some experimental activities related to global changes and ocean acidification, ocean biodiversity, and contamination of marine ecosystems and their animals by micro plastic will be conducted by CIIMAR researchers.

This initiative is organized under Scientific Research and Dissemination CIIMAR projects on Ocean Literacy, namely "OceanLab" and " Marine Trophic Chains - Learn to Communicate", supported by the EEA Grants program, and European projects  such as "Sea Change", supported by the European Horizon 2020, and the "BLUEandGREEN" a H2020 Twining project. AlgaPlus company will present its seaweed based products.