17 Nov 2016

CIIMAR is present at Business 2 Sea

CIIMAR is present at Business 2 Sea organized by Fórum Oceano in partnership with AEP - Associação Empresarial de Portugal, from 16 - 18 of November 2016 at Centro de Congressos da Alfândega do Porto. 

This event is directed to the promotion of relations between public authorities, enterprises, universities, R&D centers, clusters and associations, national and foreign, with activity in different areas of the maritime economy.

 CIIMAR will exhibit examples of its own research in areas such as Marine Biotechnology, Aquaculture, and Ecosystems Services with: a "Biotech Pipeline", an acrylic structure that illustrates the researcher work since collecting an organism until obtain a bioactive compound; an “Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture”, a system that allows increasing aquaculture production in a sustainable manner; a “Constructed Wetlands” module and a "Hyperbaric Chamber" allowing to recreate aquatic environments with very high pressures.