03 May 2017

Join to the BIP programme

Applications for the first edition of the Business Ignition Program (BIP), a business model iteration program for technologies developed in the academic world are now open.

BIP is a joint initiative from CIIMAR, INESC TEC and U. Porto Innovation that aims to build and test alternative business models for technologies developed in academia. Business models will be presented and validated on the market, promoting technology transfer and the creation of new businesses.

BIP is now searching for individuals who are fluent in English, with management training (MBA, marketing, economics, industrial engineering, among others) or with proven skills in the business area, that are interested in creating new technology-based businesses. Applicants must be able to contribute with their skills, experience and networking for the development of innovative business models for the selected technologies.

If you have business skills and would like to be part of a BIP team join us until May 5, 2017