30 Apr 2018

EMERTOX Project Kick-off

Vitor Vasconcelos and Joana Moreira da Silva represented the CIIMAR at the Kick-off meeting of the EMERTOX  - Emergent  Marine  Toxins  in  the  North  Atlantic  and the Mediterranean:  New  Approaches  to  Assess  their  Occurrence  and  Future  Scenarios  in  the  Framework  of  Global  Environmental  Changes - project in Mindelo, Cabo Verde, on 16 of April 2018

EMERTOX aims to map the actual situation in emergent marine toxins and the producing organisms, developing new approaches to assess their occurrence and predicting the possible future scenarios in the framework of global warming. The consortium, formed by a multidisciplinary team, will produce a joint research and innovation project that will exploit the complementary expertise of the participants and will create synergies among them.

The EMERTOX project is funded by the programme Stimulating innovation by means of cross-fertilisation of knowledge" of the Horizon 2020 Framework Research Programme.