12 Oct 2018

CIIMAR annual meeting brings together researchers from all over the country

At the first edition of the CIIMAR annual meeting, held on the october 10th, at the Leixões Porto Cruise Terminal, researchers from all teams met in a "family gathering" to share experiences.

In order to strengthen the structure of the research teams and increase the interaction and collaborative spirit of the center, CIIMAR organized for the first time its annual meeting that brought together more than 250 researchers to its headquarters, at the Porto Cruise Terminal.


Several "pitch" format talks presented the different working groups and correspondinng work teams, and highlighted the organizational structure of CIIMAR's research lines: Global Changes and Ecosystems Services, Marine Biotechnology and Biology, Aquaculture and Seafood Quality.

The presentations focused on the description of the different team members, research lines and active projects as well as the available equipment and workspaces. The "pitch" also included a SWOT analysis that allowed establishing helpful interactions between groups to built-up the working potential of the entire center.


In his closing remarks, the president Professor Vítor Vasconcelos mentioned that the anual meeting is a positive initiative that should be repeted annualy, creating a diligent space for sharing experiences between the CIIMAR's members and fostering a collaborative spirit among groups, teams and services.