23 Oct 2018

Project SpilLess Atlantic Project Awards 2018 in the category of promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Project SpilLess (First-line response to oil spills based on native microorganism cooperation) was awarded today in Vigo, with the Atlantic Project Awards 2018 in the category of promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation.


SpilLess is coordinated by CIIMAR-UP and is born from a collaboration with INESC TEC and the University of Vigo. Its main objective is the implementation of innovative technologies with commercial value that aim to solve one of the most serious sources of maritime pollution: oil spills. Among the major goals, the project plans the production of native microbial consortia with bioremediation capacity, and its adaptation of unmanned autonomous vehicles for in-situ contamination combat of several marine pollutants. This novel approach can be used as a first line response to pollution incidents in a fast, efficient and low cost way that is capable of operating autonomously and under unfavorable weather conditions


The first phase of the work involved identifying all the operational and logistical needs to respond to oil spill incidents in different scenarios, including offshore platforms, ports and other industrial complexes. Currently, the SpilLness project has been producing a library of native microbial consortia for bioremediation of different types of contaminants. And in order to respond to the urgency of a spill at the sea, the team also developed mixtures of bio stimulating nutrients for these microorganisms, which allow them to be produced on a large scale in a very short space of time.


According to the coordinator of the SpilLess project, Ana Paula Mucha, "this award will give more visibility to the project in international terms, promoting contact with stakeholders, paving the way for new partnerships and boosting it for the blue economy market."


The Atlantic Project Awards are organized by the European Commission's Atlantic Action Plan support team and honor success stories achieved by projects within the geographical area covered by the plan, disseminating best practices at regional, national, European and international levels.


The SpilLess project is a consortium of I&D institutions, universities and companies (CIIMAR, INESC TEC, University of Vigo, ACSM, Biotrend and MARLO) and is funded by the European Union through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).