04 Dec 2018

SNACk for Fish integrates the BfK IDEAS 2018 program

The business idea SNACk for fish, the winning idea of the 3rd edition of the BIP - Business Ignition Program, will represent the University of Porto in the ANI Immersion Program - Born from Knowledge (BfK) IDEAS 2018. The team is formed by the investigators Cláudia Serra (CIIMAR), Paula Enes (CIIMAR), Rafaela Santos (CIIMAR / FCUP) and Fábio Rangel (CIIMAR / FCUP).


This immersion program, where the team will have the opportunity to perfect their business idea and prepare a final pitch, started today (04/12) and will take place until Friday, December 7 in Oporto, at the UPTEC facilities.


HiSeedTech will be responsible for the dynamization of the program, supporting the preparation of the final pitch that will take place on December 12 at Creative Science Park, Aveiro.


Please follow the link to know more abou the program here and about the participants here.


To know more abou the SNACk for fish please follow our press page or follow the links to the press news:


“Investigadores da U.Porto desenvolvem produto para combate às doenças em peixes de aquacultura”


“Portugueses criam produto para combater doenças em peixes de aquacultura”


“Researchers from Porto produce a product to fight fish diseases in aquaculture”