05 Dec 2018

CIIMAR at the first edition of the JCIIMAC

Vitor Vasconcelos and Francisco Arenas from CIIMAR attended the "Primera Jornada Científica Internacional en Investigaciones Marinas y Continentales (I JCIIMAC)" from November 25 to 29, 2018, responding to the  invitation of the Universidad Nacional San Agustin, in Arequipa, Peru.


Two oral presentations were presented abou the Current Trends in Marine and Continental Research: The Example of CIIMAR, Portugal  by Vitor Vasconcelos and another one about the New Oceans: The Impacts of Global Changes in Coastal Ecosystems by Francisco Arenas. Vitor Vasconcelos also fostered the workshop on Eutrophication: Blue Biotechnology and Identification of Cyanobacteria. A protocol will soon be signed between UNSA and CIIMAR in order to strengthen the ties of scientific cooperation between the two institutions.