13 Dec 2018

SNACk for fish wins Born from Knowledge (BfK) IDEAS 2018

After winning the 3rd edition of the BIP - Business Ignition Program, the business idea SNACk for fish reinforced its achievement by winning the ANI Immersion Program - Born from Knowledge (BfK) IDEAS 2018, in the Agro-Food Industry category while representing the University of Porto, yesterday, at the Creative Science Park in Aveiro.


The team is formed by the investigators Cláudia Serra (CIIMAR), Paula Enes (CIIMAR), Rafaela Santos (CIIMAR / FCUP) and Fábio Rangel (CIIMAR / FCUP) and aim to develop a product for aquaculture that consists of bacteria that can provide fish with health benefits and control the major bacterial diseases.


The BfK Ideas winners will have access to a Science and Technology acceleration program (BfK Rise), which aims to transform the business potential of the winners’ ideas into products and services.