25 Jan 2019

MOBFOOD meeting

The meeting of the MOBFOOD project, took place on the 25 Jan at CIIMAR. The project, that aims to promote a competitive national food industry, mobilizes 43 entities representing the entire agri-food sector in Portugal.

The meeting will focus on the interaction between the recovery of waste and resources and the sustainable and collaborative agro-food logistics. It will also promote the implementation of strategies based on technological capacity, innovation and research to obtain new products, services, processes or technologies, reinforcing the collaboration between business and non-business sectors.

The collaboration of CIIMAR on the MOBFOOD project is coordinated by the researcher Luísa Valente and aims to achieve the efficient use of natural resources and the valorization of aquaculture effluents.

The meeting is attended by the companies Primor, SEBOL, ITS, Central Carnes-Primor, Poveira, Vitacress, BLC3, Sensetest; as well as by R&D entities: CIIMAR, UCP Porto, UPorto, UNova Lisboa, IST-ULisboa, UMinho and IPC-ESAC.