04 Feb 2019

CIIMAR’s work featured in Aquafeed

The work by the CIIMAR’s researchers about Partial and total replacement of Fish oil by poultry fat in diets for European seabass juveniles, published by the Aquaculture journal was featured on the Aquafeed journal newsletter of 21 Jan.


The work featured, was headed by the researcher Luísa Valente, and evaluates the effects of replacing fish oil by increasing levels of poultry fat on the nutrient utilization, growth performance, tissue composition and lipid metabolism of European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) juveniles. This work was done in cooperation with the fish feed producer Sorgal, and is an important step in the sustainable utilization of ingredients obtained from agroindustrial by-products. Aquafeed is the most read journal by the aquaculture industry. It is recognized as the leading provider of sector-specific business, scientific and technical news and information through its website, quarterly magazine, newsletters and the Aquafeed Horizons Conferences.