19 Feb 2019

B2E - Association for the Blue Bioeconomics - Collaborative Laboratory

The Association for the Blue Bioeconomy - Collaborative Laboratory, shortly designated as B2E, was established on February 14, at UPTEC HJeadquarters at Pólo do Mar in Matosinhos.


The B2E aims to implement the Collaborative Laboratory (CoLAB) according to the title and designation awarded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology - FCT


This association aims to promote the Blue Bioeconomy, stimulating the creation of qualified employment and  generating economic and social value in Portugal in the sectors of Biotechnology and Aquaculture, contributing to new uses and enhancement of natural resources.


At the present, the founding members of B2E are the Interdisciplinary Center for Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR), Sparos Lda, Ingredient Odyssey Lda., The University of Aveiro, INESC TEC - Institute of Systems Engineering and Computers, Technology and Science, Savinor - Sociedade Avícola do Norte SA, SORGAL - Sociedade de Óleos e Rações SA and SAFISTELA - Sustainable Aqua Farming Investments SA.