20 Feb 2019

Kickoff meeting project TOXICROP

Is now happening the Kick Off meeting of the TOXICROP project at CIIMAR.


TOXICROP is a European project that aims through Research and Innovation Staff Exchange to map agricultural risk areas of cyanotoxin occurrence, to access the fate of cyanotoxins in crops, bioaccumulation in crops and food contamination related to the use of eutrophic waters in crop irrigation. Environment-friendly, low-cost techniques of water treatment will also be developed, and methods to detect and assess toxicity of cyanotoxins improved. 47 missions will be carried by the consortium partners to develop multidisciplinary Research and Innovation activities in the domains of water toxicology, food safety and water treatment.


The Kick Off meeting is happening from 20-22 february at CIIMAR and incorporates a free workshop on the 22 february. To know more about the workshop, please follow the link.