28 Feb 2019

CIIMAR completes its 19th anniversary

CIIMAR completes 19 years of marine and environmental research.


As a non-governmental and non-profit organization CIIMAR has born in 2000 and, since then, has worked on Marine and Environmental Research fostering an integrated approach to Ocean and coastal areas: promoting the understanding and knowledge of Biological, Physical and Chemical dynamics of these environments and the impact of natural and human activities and aiming to unravel the links between these processes, grasp Ocean and ecosystems functioning and responses to Global Changes. Today, the work of the research center focuses in three main areas working at the frontier of Ocean Knowledge and Innovation.


CIIMAR has a team of almost 500 colaborators including students, researchers and administrative staff. It has a number of research platforms and an increasing number of projects and publications. CIIMAR is involved in clustering activities, participating in National and European Knowledge and Innovation Networks and developes several national and international science dissemination campaigns for Ocean Literacy.