10 Apr 2019

Actinobacteria Isolated From algae produce New Bioactive Compounds

The study led by the CIIMAR researcher Fátima Carvalho published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Microbiology reveals that actinobacteria that live in a native group of brown algae produce compounds that have potential to fight resistant infections.


Considered an innovative and promising study, the work done at CIIMAR investigated the community of actinobacteria associated with the algae specie Laminaria ochroleuca, a common seaweed on the Portuguese coast. During the work were identified compounds produced by the actinobacteria that have antimicrobial and anticancer potential.


These compounds may have impact on new solutions to problems such as resistant infections, such as hospital infections or some types of cancer, and the research should be continued in order to confirm the indications given by the results already obtained on the study.