05 Jun 2019

Stop the Plastic Tide!

Today, the world environment day, CIIMAR lauches a movement to decrease the use of single-use plastics in the research center. This movement is called "Stop the Plastic Tide!"


Among marine litter, plastic waste is the most representative fraction (between 60 and 95%) and the one that causes major environmental problems. According to recent studies, of the 300 million tons of plastic currently produced per year, about 8 million tons go to the oceans carried by the winds, rains, sewers, rivers or launched directly on the beaches or the sea.


Because plastic in the Ocean is a global problem, generated in our daily life, today, during the world environment day, CIIMAR lauches a movement to decrease the use of single-use plastics in the research center. This movement called "Stop the Plastic Tide!" is aligned with the Ocean Action campaign and aims to encompass the entire CIIMAR community as well as all those who visit our research center. This path, towards a research center with a low impact on plastics, has already begun in the common areas.


There are no longer plastic water bottles on sale, nor plastic cups in the coffee machine! A filtration system has also been installed in a specific tap water, which filters out excess chlorine and ensuring that water, which is already of great quality, has no taste. All guests are served in glass bottles and glass cups, and the use of reusable options for bottled water and coffee mugs with the "Stop the Plastic Tide!" brand is encouraged.


A recycling system has also been installed in the area of ​​the coffee lounge which is best suited to the needs of its users, and will soon be extended to other areas such as offices or even laboratories. But there are still many ideas to be implemented within this movement, which will be fulfilled during the current year, to minimize the environmental impact of CIIMAR!


And because we want let the message reach the public, the "Stop the Plastic Tide!" bottles and mugs are also available for sale at CIIMAR and online.