10 Jan 2020

CIIMAR colaborates with Fundação de Serralves in “Conversas com Ciência”

“Conversas com Ciência” (conversarions with science) is a new partnership between CIIMAR and Fundação de Serralves. One Sunday per month, at 11 a.m. , “Conversas com Ciência” invites a researcher from CIIMAR and the community for an informal conversation, to be held in Serralves Gardens. The conversations will focus the Sustainable Development Goals and will be highlighted in the following themes: "Protecting marine life"; "Climate action"; "Quality health"; "Eradicate hunger"; "Drinking water and sanitation"; and "Renewable and accessible energy".

These sessions aim to bring the community closer to science and science communication through knowledge of the work developed by CIIMAR researchers.

The first edition of “Conversas com Ciência” will take place on the Jan 19th with professor Vitor Vasconcelos, director of CIIMAR.

To know all about this event please visit our event page.