27 Jan 2020

Best Master's Dissertation Award in Medicinal Chemistry

Joana Almeida, oriented by the CIIMAR researcher Honorina Cidade, receives the prize for best master's dissertation in medicinal chemistry, awarded by the Therapeutic Chemistry Division of the Portuguese Chemical Society (SPQ) at the 13th National Meeting of Organic Chemistry / 6th National Meeting of Therapeutic Chemistry.


The master's dissertation entitled “Chalcone derivatives: promising starting points for the discovery of new diarylpentanoids with p53-MDM2 / X inhibitory activity” was developed by the young researcher at the Laboratory of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and at the Microbiology Laboratory, within the scope of the Master in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Porto (FFUP), under the guidance of Professor Honorina Cidade and Professor Lucília Saraiva, professors of FFUP and researchers from CIIMAR and LAQV / REQUIMTE, respectively . The work developed aims the discovery of new compounds with dual inhibitory activity of the interactions of tumor suppressor protein p53 with its negative endogenous regulators MDM2 and MDMX, a promising strategy in the discovery of new anticancer compounds.