13 Feb 2020

CIIMAR celebrates 20th aniversary at the SOS CONFERENCE

Integrated in the celebrations of its 20th anniversary on February 29, 2020, CIIMAR organizes the international SOS conference “Sustainable Ocean Strategies” at the Porto Cruise Terminal, with the participation of several world references on conservation of the oceans.


20 years after its foundation, CIIMAR is a national and international reference in Ocean and Environmental research, working on the frontier of knowledge, innovation and sustainability of the Oceans. Surpassing a team of more than 500 researchers, CIIMAR stands out for its interdisciplinary scientific mission and covers areas of scientific, technological, economic, business development and support for public and governmental policies, also assuming an important commitment to environmental and environmental Ocean literacy.


In order to follow the theme of the Decade of Oceanic Science for Sustainable Development proclaimed by the United Nations (2021-2030), CIIMAR celebrates its 20th anniversary with the organization of the SOS Conference promising to focus on the sustainability strategies of the Oceans.


More about the conference at our event page.