16 Mar 2020

Alertox-Net Meeting

The Alertox-Net Meeting took place at CIIMAR on the 4th March. 

This event joined companies and stakeholders in the sector of Fisheries and Aquacultur productione. The participants were invited to expose their main problems to the scientific and monitoring community in order to survey the main problems of the sector, design new project ideas under pt2020 - led by Companies, and to create an environment conducive to research and development. This goals will create conditions for the implementation of future solutions that are innovative to elevate the potential of each company in the sea sector.

This event comes down to the goals of the Alertox-Net project, which are:

  • Increase customer food security, which translates into increased consumer confidence in the company's products.
  • Participate in the development of a rapid and innovative analysis system that will allow companies to anticipate possible problems of intoxication.
  • Early access to a toxin alert system, including emerging toxins.