24 Mar 2020


BlueBio4Future is the name of ERA CHAIR that was recently approved to CIIMAR-UP by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union.


This ERA CHAIR includes a financing stimulus of 2.5 M euros for the next 5 years. The project aims the creation of a new research team at CIIMAR in the area of ​​Blue Bioengineering, based largely on the collection of microalgae and cyanobacteria LEGE CC that contains more than 1100 strains. This collection, based at CIIMAR, will serve as a basis for the development of methodologies in bioprocess optimization using photobioreactors, synthetic biology, bioinformatics and green chemistry in the discovery of new molecules with biotechnological applications.


The team, led by the ERA CHAIR to be hired, will include the best scientists worldwide in the area and provides the resources for CIIMAR to continue its national and international affirmation in the area of ​​Marine Biotechnology.