09 Apr 2020

CIIMAR and FCUP work together on the European project M2ex

The world population growth and economic development creates an increasing concern with the reduction and reuse of waste, in parallel with the recovery of natural resources and bioenergy production.With both economy and the environmen in mind,the researchers from CIIMAR and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (FCUP) will work together on the European project M2ex, which focuses on in the recovery and reuse of metals to optimize the circular bioeconomy.


The main objectives of M2ex project is to train a new generation of specialists (scientists and engineers), with multidisciplinary knowledge and skills that can contribute to the development of resource recovery methodologies, from the perspective of the circular bioeconomy, in Europe.


CIIMAR and FCUP will be responsible for monitoring and supervising three PhD students and three other students from partner universities to study the  the processes of distribution of metals in soils and the associated microbial processes after the application of bioreactor digests contaminated with metals.Biological processes will also be studied in the remediation of bioreactor residues before their application to the soil. The objectives of this project are also to reuse these residues from the bioreactors safely as biofertilizers and to recover metals so that they can be used again in the bioreactors as micronutrients to strengthen the chemical reactions inside them. To know more about the project please visit


The applications for the PhD students are open here until June 12.