30 Apr 2020

CIIMAR supports GelAvista citizen science project

In order to obtain data on gelatinous organisms that occur in Portugal, the GelAvista program was developed by the Plankton and Crustacean Laboratory CIIMAR-UP and Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA) involving the public in data collection.


The project also intends to use the data collected by the public to increase knowledge about the diversity, distribution, dynamics and role of gelatinous organisms in marine ecosystems and to model and predict the occurrence of their rapid resurgences. It also has a great commitment to the public, the project data collection team: promoting ocean literacy, sharing the necessary information to identify the species that drop to the coast, inform about their occurrence on the country's beaches, the risks they run when they come into contact with these organisms as well as the precautions and precautions to be taken.


To have an active participation in this Citizen Science project, just go to the GelAvista website and download the GelAvista app to your mobile phone (Android, iOs and Huaweii systems) that allows you to receive how to make data available.