04 Jun 2020

9 artificial reefs near CIIMAR

Researchers from CIIMAR and FCUP sinked 9 artificial reefs near CIIMAR building produced under the 3D PARE project.


The 9 experimental reefs were produced by 3D printing. Each one is 1 cubic meter and about 1 ton. To choose the material used, three types of materials were tested, including cement and even the remains of organic materials, various shapes and levels of complexity.


The 3D PARE project brings together FCUP, CIIMAR, IPMA, the University of Cantabria (Spain), the University of Bournemouth (United Kingdom) and the School of Construction Work Engineers (France). The 3D PARE project is an EU-funded INTERREG program to promote transnational cooperation between 36 Atlantic regions in 5 European countries and thus value interdisciplinarity and the crossing of experience and knowledge.