03 Nov 2020

CIIMAR coordinates NOR-WATER network to detect emerging pollutants

NOR-WATER project recently launched a public-private collaboration network for the detection, control and mitigation of emerging pollutants in the waters of northern Portugal and Galicia: the NOR-WATER network.


The NOR-WATER project is coordinated by the CIIMAR researchers Miguel Santos and Teresa Neuparth and is financed by the INTERREG VA Spain-Portugal Cooperation Program (POCTEP) 2014-2020.


The project main objectives is to identify emerging pollutants and their sources in the hydrographic basins of northern Portugal and Galicia, to develop new methods and analytical tools to monitor and predict their behavior and ecotoxicological risks and to develop wastewater treatment systems that favor their elimination. At the same time, the NOR-WATER project includes education and environmental awareness activities, as well as actions to promote the transfer of results to the competent administrations and technological companies responsible for water deportation.


To now all about the project and its new network please visit the project website.