26 Jan 2021

Researchers from CIIMAR and IPMA incorporate microalgae in yogurts

Researchers from CIIMAR-UP and IPMA incorporate Aurantiochytrium sp. biomass microalgae with a high content of omega-3 in yogurts, enhancing a more sustainable and ecological alternative to food needs of the growing human population.


The study “The development of a novel functional food: bioactive lipids in yogurts enriched with Aurantiochytrium sp. Biomass ”, now published in Food & Function, showed the feasibility of creating an innovative functional food prepared from low-fat yogurt, with acceptable sensory characteristics and a high content of DHA, by incorporating only 2% w/w of the biomass of the microalgae Aurantiochytrium sp. The study also allowed to assess the nutritional value of this new food and to determine its digestibility and bioaccessibility.