13 Apr 2021

POSEIDON project: on stability of offshore structures

Researchers from CIIMAR-UP initiate POSEIDON research project on stabilizing offshore structures foundations to take advantage of renewable energy from marine sources, allowing a reduction in investment costs, a vital contribution to competitiveness of the sector.


The POSEIDON project, led by researchers Tiago Ferradosa and Francisco Taveira Pinto, seeks to study the optimization of these systems from the point of view of protecting foundations and its maintenance, which is affected by vibrations associated with the movement of wind turbines or other energy converters, such as wave energy. This project focuses on the optimization of these mechanisms taking into account the complex interaction that exists between the energy converters, the foundation and the soil. The main objective is to create protection mechanisms based on physical and numerical modeling that are cheaper than those that currently exist. To know more about the project please visit the project page.