03 May 2021

SEAFOODTOMORROW project results help to secure a sustainable future for the seafood industry

Launched in 2017, SEAFOODTOMORROW project concluded in April 2021 and laid the foundations to strengthen the seafood production and processing industry in Europe and safeguard sustainable seafood for future generations.


Funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program, SEAFOODTOMORROW has developed innovative solutions to tackle some of the seafood industry’s biggest issues: sustainability and ensuring the safety, quality, transparency and availability of products that meet consumer needs.


Seafood is an important source of high-quality protein and is naturally rich in valuable nutrients for a healthy diet. Approximately three billion people rely on (wild-caught and farmed) seafood as a primary source of protein. As both the world population and aquaculture continue to expand, it is vital to develop new, innovative and eco-friendly solutions to ensure that global seafood security and quality meet market demands.


Launched in 2017, SEAFOODTOMORROW aimed to tackle these challenges. The project concluded in April 2021. To know more details about the achievement of this project please check the press release.