29 Jul 2021

CETUS project at Clube de Vela Atlântico

Researchers of CETUS Project, from the CIIMAR’s Coastal Biodiversity Laboratory, gave a lecture to the young sailors of Clube de Vela Atlântico that practice this sport between Leixões and the Mouth of Douro River.


The lecture took place on the July 27th at Clube de Vela Atlântico. The young sailors learnt how to identify the cetacean species that occur in the area and how to report any eventual sightings to the CETUS project. In addition, our researchers also discussed the importance of the oceans in the Earth's balance and the need to collect knowledge for the protection of these ecosystems.


This lecture is part of the goal of bringing the society closer to science, by collaborating directly in data collection that can be used for research and conservation of the marine environment!